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he Society of Astrologers is dedicated to the study and practice of the authentic astrology of medieval, Renaissance & Early Modern Europe. The name, Society of Astrologers, honors the original society of our illustrious predecessors which met in London in the mid-17th century. The Society was founded in 2007 by practicing traditional astrologers who felt it was time for an organization devoted solely to the astrology of the European Middle Ages, Renaissance and Early Modern periods.
The Society of Astrologers fully supports all systems of astrology, but in order to provide a safe haven for traditional astrology and to stay on topic limits all Society activities, including discussion groups, publications, lectures and conferences, to astrological techniques in use between 1200 and 1700 in Europe. Members are, of course, free to utilize whatever methodology they wish in their own practices.
The Society of Astrologers is governed by its Syndics, who supervise the Steward of the Society, currently Christopher Warnock, Esq. The Steward of the Society is responsible for the day to day operations of the Society in the tradition of Elias Ashmole, Esq., Steward of our predecessor Society of Astrologers. Membership in the Society is free and the Society holds no funds.
The Society of Astrologers several types of membership: associate membership, open to all, practicing membership, open to practicing traditional astrologers and Master Astrologers, the elite of traditional astrology. Details regarding membership can be found at Joining the Society. Practicing members and Masters Astrologers are listed in the Member Directory.