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he Society of Astrologers is open to all astrologers and students of astrology interested in medieval, Renaissance and early modern astrology. There are several types of membership, Associate and Practicing Members as well as Master Astrologers, the elite of traditional astrology. Associate membership is open to all, while Practicing members are automatically eligible if they graduate from traditional astrology courses approved by the Society. Master Astrologers must demonstrate actual proficiency in traditional astrology.
All membership, whether as an Associate or Practicing Member or as Master Astrologer of the Society is free. Associate members join the Society by joining the Society Network.
Practicing membership requires graduation from an approved traditional astrology course. A Master Astrologer requires the submission of three correct written delineations detailing the astrological factors considered and including accurate results. The delineations must utilize only techniques in use in Europe between 1200-1700. Practicing members and Master Astrologers, if desired, can be listed in the Member Directory which provides information on their background and practice as well as web site and contact information, if desired. All members may post on the Society Network.
While the current list is not exhaustive and the Society welcomes additional course suggestions, graduates of the following traditional astrology courses are automatically eligible to become Practicing Members of the Society of Astrologers:

  • Avalon College of Astrology
  • Olivia Barclay and Barbara Dunn's Qualifying Horary Practitioner Course
  • Bernadette Brady's Medieval Astrology Course
  • Jacqueline Brook's Horary Diploma Course
  • John Frawley's Horary Apprenticeship Course
  • Deborah Houlding's Horary Course
  • Katarche Horary Course of the Company of Astrologers
  • Kepler College
  • Lee Lehman's Classical Studies in Horary and Classical Studies in Electional Courses
  • Laurie Naughtin's Craft of Horary Diploma Course.
  • Branka Stamenkovic's Horary Course
  • Sue Ward's Horary Course
  • Christopher Warnock's Horary and Electional Astrology and Astrological Magic Courses (note only full courses, not mini-courses qualify)
  • Robert Zoller's Medieval Natal Astrology Courses (note: only the full, not introductory course qualifies)

Prospective Practicing Members and traditional astrology teachers can Contact the Society to request that their traditional astrology course be approved. In general approved courses will teach only traditional astrology and will not mix techniques not in use in Europe from 1200-1700 with other types of astrology, though discretion regarding approval remains with the Society.
Those wishing to be Master Astrologers of the Society must submit three delineations showing the astrological factors considered and final results of actual horary questions, elections, mundane or natal charts. using only methods utilized in Europe between 1200-1700. The outcome of the horary, mundane prediction or election and/or the details of the life of the person whose nativity was delineated must not have been known in advance and the delineation must be accurate as regards significant details. Please Contact the Society for further information on how to become a Master Astrologer.